Call Flows

Create your own custom phone system in seconds

Route every call to the right person with interactive call flows.

Telexio lets you setup custom call routes called “Call flows”. Our call flow builder allows you to manage the stages of the call. Call flows allow you to create greetings, whisper messages, interactive menus and more.

Interactive menus

Create an interactive menu and route callers to the right department. You can easily set a menu prompt and assign routes for every digit pressed.

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Call schedule

Set a schedule for your call flow. You can define your businesses open and close hours and direct calls to voicemail or an answering service at the right time.

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Smart Forward

With the forward widget, you set your routing options like where the call should be forwarded to and how long before going to the next step.

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Call whisper

Make sure you know where every call came from right when you pick up with call whisper messages.

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Take a voicemail to the general box or for individual users in your account.

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