Campaign Level Tracking

Use call tracking to measure the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns.

Track calls by assigned flows

Each call flow represents an ad source in your business.
You buy phone numbers and assign them to different call flows that represent your online and offline advertising.
When calls come in they are routed to their call flows and the data is shown to you in real-time on your reporting panel.

Call tracking reporting
Call tracking analytics

Real-time view of your marketing efforts

You can check your reports anytime using any device and know how well your campaigns did today or for any other time range.
You can use custom notifications to triggers email or SMS when a call comes in to a specific flow or by call duration.

Call tracking questions

How can I compare call vs ad campaigns?

Very easy, in your numbers section you have the option to point every number to a call flow. So let’s say you created a flow named “Google PPC”. All calls coming to those number will be labeled “Google PPC”

How many numbers can I point into one call flow?

As many as you need, some ad campaigns have multiple numbers and some have one. You can pretty much point them as you please.

How can my agents know where the call came from?

You can use our “Call whisper” feature.
This way your agent will hear a message (“This call is from x campaign…”) before being connected to the caller.

I have a new campaign, how can I be notified when I start getting calls?

With custom notifications, you can set an SMS or Email to be sent every time a call comes in a specific flow.