PPC Tracking

Stop paying for clicks that don’t convert, track your PPC campaigns in real time.

PPC call tracking made simple.

Make your Pay Per Click campaign more efficient by assigning call tracking numbers to them. You can get tracking numbers for each campaign, ad or keyword and measure their performance with a 5-minute setup. Improving your ad performance has never been this easy.

Know where the call came from as soon as it comes in

Each call flow can be configured with a whisper message and notification, so you or your agents now know where the call came from and can log it in your CRM.
The result: dollar for dollar comparison between what you spend and what you profit.

PPC Call tracking questions

What’s the best way to track PPC?

Telexio tracking numbers are easy to use at any level.
Some client would assign one number and call flow for their entire PPC campaign and some will get a number for each keyword.
It really is about how deep do you want to drill your results

Do i need to record a whisper message for each flow?

No, Telexio can turn your text to speech, simply type the whisper message (This call is from Google …) in your flow editor and Telexio will play it when you pick up a call.

How do I see my results?

When you log-in to Telexio, you are taken directly to your reporting panel. Here you can view calls by:

  • Campaign / Flow level
  • Number level
  • Individual calls