Phone Numbers

Get US and Canada numbers and start taking calls in seconds.

Make it easy for customers to reach you.

Get toll free and local number for your business in seconds┬ácontract free, It’s easy!

Tracking phone numbers

Call tracking is most efficient way to track your advertising and optimize your ads.
Stop wasting money on ads that simply don’t work!

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Number Search

Search thousands of phone numbers for the one you need. You can search by any area code or number combination for a number that customers will remember.

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Number porting

Paying to much for your phone bill? Port over your numbers to Telexio in a few simple steps.
Porting your phone numbers is free and we make the process very simple.

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Number Blocking

Telexio lets block telemarketers and unwanted calls that waste your time and money. Simply add a number to your blocked list and you’re done.

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