Blocked Number And Call Screening

Block unwanted calls and telemarketers from wasting your agent’s time.

Number Blocking

Telexio’s number blocking feature makes sure you are not wasting any time and resources on calls you do not want to take.
Simply add a blocked number and this number will be identified and blocked.
You can even set a range of numbers that you wish to block.

Call screening

Make it harder for automated telemarketing dialers to reach you by adding a call screening option. When a call comes in a caller will be prompted to dial 1 to be connected. This way you can avoid automated dialers and wasted time.

Number Blocking Questions

How many numbers can I block?

As much as you need, no limits here!

Can I unblock a number?

Yes, simply click the trash icon next to a number you want to start getting calls from. You can even set a timer for blocked numbers so that they are only blocked for a certain time range.

How can I screen calls from “robots”?

Within your call flow, simply choose the “screen calls for this flow” option in the call forward widget.
Now when calls come into this call flow, they will be prompted to press 1 to be connected and only then will your phone ring. Automated dialer can not identify those and will simply hang up after a few seconds of no response.