Port your numbers

Like Telexio’s easy interface and pricing? We can bring over your numbers from any carrier for free.

Easy phone number porting

If you like using Telexio, no need to jump back and forth and pay multiple bills. You can have all of your number under one roof.
You can submit a porting request and we will port over your phone number from any US or Canada-based phone carrier.
We’ve ported over thousands of numbers and know the process very well.
All you need to do is ask!

Get bulk pricing

If you have a large amount of numbers with another carrier, you may be eligible for bulk pricing.
Contact us and get a quote for your phone numbers and a time estimate for porting them.

Number Porting Questions

How do start the number porting process?

Send us an email to info@telexio.com or use the contact page. Please specify how many numbers you have and what carrier are they with.

What documents do I need?

Just your latest bill with your name showing that you own these numbers.

How long does it take?

It really depends on the carrier we are porting from. Usually anywhere from 2-3 weeks.